Mountain Running with an Action Cam — A Bavarian Hyperlapse

About two years ago I started with ski touring in winters. The mountains close to the bavarian capital Munich offer absolutely amazing opportunities to discover the environment around you while keeping yourself fit and in traction. So when summer came I started my first mountain run at Wallberg close to Tegernsee. Despite intense core endurance due to extensive crossfit workouts and flatland running, it was a nail-biting first experience. But I loved the possibility to explore the mountains on my own. To conquer heights fast and enjoy running in a beautiful landscape. You have a fixed goal — instead of guiding your way through crowded streets where traffic lights and other people may interrupt your flow. Here there is only one direction you follow: upwards.

When I got the opportunity to become one of 100 Garmin Virb Elite testers, I thought about a little experiment. Because some months ago Microsoft released Hyperlapse. A method for converting first-person videos, for example, captured with a helmet camera during activities such as rock climbing or bicycling, into hyper-lapse videos, i.e., time-lapse videos with a smoothly moving camera.

Most of the time your GoPro Action Cam Video won’t look like the next Red Bull Media House flic. It’s the shaky clip you don’t even want so show your crew.

So next thing I did was fixing my Garmin to my backpack shoulder straps — ran up the Herzogstand, crossed the Heimgarten and ran down again. In my downwards journey my battery went low so I stopped putting together Video content on the highest point of the run. When it comes to attaching the camera there is a lot of room for improvement and also the question to answer, if I want to have hardware strapped to myself the whole time. The Garmin Virb has one huge benefit — it attaches your speed and elevation to the exact point of your video. So afterwards you can exactly see how high you where at which second on the video. Additionally, you could attach a heart rate watch from Garmin and see your body react to the whole scenario.

But for the occasion to test a great technology during a wonderful run through the Bavarian mountains the setup Garmin Virb x Microsoft Hyperlapse is great. Check out the results: First Video is without fast forward and without stabilization.

And here comes the hyperlapsed 8x Version. Happy to share experiences on mountain running and hyperlapsing — for show off, feel free to post your times.

Originally published at on November 21, 2014.



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